Willem Cornelisz. Duyster

Amsterdam 1599 – 1635 Amsterdam

«Schlafender Soldat (The Sleeping Soldier)» – 1625/32
Öl a/Kupfertafel, oval, 24 × 31,5 cm

Zuschlag CHF 130'000

Kunstauktion 25.05.2002 | Lot-Nr. 47

Julius Böhler, München; kurz vor oder nach diesem Datum D. Katz, Dieren; W. C. Duyster Cert. Hofstede Coll. Keller N.Y. (handschriftliches Etikett auf der Rückseite des Rahmens); Privatsammlung Luzern.


Nanette Salomon, Jacob Duck and the Gentrification of Dutch Genre Painting, Doornspijk 1998, Abbildung 13 (Willem Duyster, The Sleeping Soldier, Panel, 23,5 x 36,5 cm. Location unknown).

Fred G. Meijer, Netherlands Institute for Art History, 06.02.2002.

Fred G. Meijer schreibt uns, aufgrund einer Farbfotografie, in seinem Gutachten: „It is my pleasure to confirm that the painting of a soldier sleeping in a barn (o/copper, oval, 24 x 31,5 cm) is a characteristic work of good quality by Willem Cornelisz. Duyster (1599-1635). Characteristic features are, next to the overall high quality, the strong chiaro-scuro, the attention of the rendering of textures, the slightly unusual theme and composition, and the artist‘s preference to include straw in his paintings, almost as a special effect. Since Duyster very rarely dated his paintings, it is difficult to establish a firm chronology for his work, but it would seem that your painting must date from the second half of the 1620s.“